Hi my name is Rob Lord.

I’m a composer, noise maker and a song writer for film and TV. I was already obsessed with music and sound by the time I went to Art College at 18. I then spent many years making records, writing and producing songs and playing live all over the world which lead me into writing music for theatre, video games, advertising, short films and then feature films, TV and online drama – phew.

I live in a in a quiet house with a piano, surrounded by machines that make beautiful noise. Well, I find it beautiful, you might not if you had to listen to me going over the same two-bar loop for a whole day making tiny changes.

I’m not frightened by the dark or by ghosts – I’d love to be haunted, wouldn’t you?

My first synth was a yellow and black plastic machine called The Wasp. I got it when I was 13 and spent the next year locked in my bedroom making tape loops and gloopy stomach noises with it which I’d record into my mum’s old hi-fi. It would automatically be distorted to hell. I’d listen back to these hour long distorted stomach symphonies and think “wow that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard”.

Feedback is good.

I’ll always try to find an angle, something bespoke and special. Getting into a project in a conceptual way so that it all fits together.

Emotion’s the key. Let’s not be too cool eh?


"We have worked with Rob on all of our films to date. From the classical to the eclectic, there are no rules that cannot be broken with Rob. His instinctive musicality astounds us. His humour, flexibility and willingness to be inspired by the director is a joy. And beyond this, his ability to capture a mood, an emotion or convey a sentiment can make even the most challenging moment work better than we ever imagined.

He finds moments we haven't yet seen. He tries things we had never considered. But he also listens, and builds on our ideas. Be it a thrilling crescendo, or a single note, his work always deepens the film experience.

Last year he blew us away when he practically scored our entire debut feature film, off his own back; before we'd even shot it! We look to Rob's highly original, thought provoking and touching music to always compliment and inspire our films ".

Bert&Bertie April 2013